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Windows Installer is the program that helps users to install or uninstall programs from their computers. If this program fails or has some issues, users will not be able to install or remove programs and applications and Windows will show odd and strange errors. Sometimes these issues can be caused by simple errors and they can be resolved very easily. The Windows support number tips that are shared below will help you to find and fix issues with the Windows installer.

Reregistering Windows Installer

In many of the cases, reregistering the Windows Installer can help you get rid of many of the issues. To reregister Windows Installer, you can follow the steps explained below.

Instructions To Reregister Windows Installer

  • Click on the Start button and select Run.
  • In the Run window, type in msiexec /unreg and then press on the Enter key.
  • You will need to select Run again from the Start menu.
  • Type in msiexec /regserver and then press the Enter key.

These are the steps to reregister Windows Installer. If this does not fix the issue, you will need to ensure that the Windows Installer service is enabled. Some of the issues in Windows Installer can occur when the service is stopped. To make sure that the issue is not caused as the service is stopped, you can do the following steps.

Reregistering Windows Installer

Instructions To Enable Windows Installer Service

  • Click on the Start button and select Run.
  • In the Run window, type in services.msc and then hit the Enter key.
  • Look for the value in Startup type field. If the value is disabled, you will need to make the value to manual.

After changing the value, you can check if the issue is fixed. If the issue persists, you will need to make use of the automated tools that can help you get rid of the issue. Some of these tools are very efficient and can help you get rid of the registry issues completely. Even the computer professionals make use of many of these automated tools to get rid of the registry issues. Many of these automated tools are safe and they give much attention to details.

If you wish to know more on these automated tools to fix issues with Windows Installer, you can contact the Windows support number. They will be able to offer you more details on these tools.

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Windows Powered HTC One M8 Released

Windows Support Number

Ever since Microsoft took over the Finnish Mobile Giant, Nokia, users have been accustomed to seeing Windows phone under the tag of Nokia. However, few other makers, technically the rivals of Nokia, have stood up and expressed interest in Windows supported version of the device. One of the biggest names in the industry, HTC, popular for its interesting designs and superior build quality, has just released a Windows Live Tiles version of the existing smart phone, HTC One M8. To know more about the latest smartphone from HTC, you can contact us through our Windows Support Number.

The HTC One M8 is arguably one of the most popular smartphones in terms of design. The Windows variant will feature the same Unibody hardware, which features superior quality aluminum as well as Gorilla Glass 3 display. The 5 Mega-Pixel camera as well as front-facing superior quality speakers are the same as released in the Android counter-part. Although this phone may lack touch-buttons along the bottom bezel unlike most other phones, the Windows operating system allows good navigation by adding Home, Back and Search key on the bottom of the screen.

Purely on aesthetic and design grounds, the M8 for Windows is one of the most beautiful Windows phone to be released as of date. The horizontal strip visible when the phone is turned over displays the antenna, whose exterior presence is necessary considering the full-Aluminum case of the Mobile phone. At a screen resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 resolution with 441 ppi (pixels per inch) density, this phone boasts one of the best displays till date to feature Windows Live Tiles.

Windows Live Tiles

Apart from the HTC logo in the middle of the screen and “Windows Phone” along with the Windows logo right beneath it, one of the most interesting features that will catch your eye is TWO cameras in the backside. The additional camera allows the user to create some really interesting visual effects while taking the photo itself, as well as creates 3D photos, because of the gap between the two cameras. Moreover, the camera shows promising results without compromising on other aspects, unlike the 41 mega-pixel camera capable of phone calling that Nokia once released.

Although it remains to be seen how this phone will fare in the market, the very fact that HTC has taken pains to redesign the software to meet the existing hardware instead, itself has raised the interest of users as well as rival brands. To know more about the device, contact us on our Windows Support Number.

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Windows Server 2003 To Peter Out After 14 July, 2015

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Windows Server 2003 is the next in Microsoft’s list of products headed for Windows support discontinuation. The company will be scrapping the widely acclaimed server OS on 14th July 2015, and this is something many businesses will resent. After the date mentioned, the tech giant won’t be putting out updates or patches or anything of the sort, which means that OS stability and security from that point on will be severely compromised.

Migration seems the only way for major companies to play it, although this would entail some heavy planning and arduous data transferring. In the current climate, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is invariably seen to be an attractive option, because the alternative would be to buy a whole new server to host your work and data. Instead of that, companies should seize the chance to move to the cloud and set up there. One advantage of doing this is that this would spare tons from hardware costs.

A few companies might decide to stick it out with an unpatched and consequently unprotected OS, in which case they’d have the following to look forward to.

  • Microsoft won’t be coming out with any updates whatsoever for the platform after they stop giving Windows support. This means that the latest ones companies can get hands on will be those released back in 2013 – 37 of them.
  • Compliance concerns are another aspect of server OS laggardness. An organization choosing this path will have to contend with repeated failures in conforming to industry standards, which could spell out significant business losses. PCI compliance, for instance, is required to ensure that Visa and MasterCard will be ready to do business with you, but that’s probably not going to happen if your server OS is outdated.

    Windows Server 2003

  • Application support would also be harder to achieve.
  • Your operation costs would no doubt go up, from having to maintain additional security for the servers. This would include deploying systems to detect intrusions within the server, and firewalls to ensure these do not occur.
  • Hardware maintenance would be another factor which could considerably sap your profits.

This product is a sore spot for enterprise users, many of whom already have to migrate from their Windows 7 OS installation, because Microsoft will stop supporting the product in January. In the server department, Windows Server 2012 R2 is the latest product form the company.

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Microsoft To Power Windows 10 With DirectX 12 Graphics API

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The reviews about Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 10 have been great. The Windows 10 tech preview that was released in October has been downloaded by millions of test users and all seem to be quite content with their Windows 10 experience. To attract new users to Windows 10, Microsoft has integrated a number of untraditional features in it, in addition to returning some nostalgic Windows features such as the Start button. Microsoft boasts that Windows 10 will be the right operating system for productivity, gaming, social networking and internet browsing.

Windows 10 for gaming

According to Windows support desk, Windows 10 has been integrated with many unique options, making it ideal for gaming. In an announcement made earlier this month, the software giant revealed that the final version of Windows 10 was going to be powered by DirectX 12 graphics API. The report has overwhelmed diehard PC gamers.

According to sources close to Windows support desk, there are two reasons for Microsoft to highlight DirectX 12 graphics API on Windows 10. First, it wants to make Windows XP and Windows 7 users ditch their older operating system and move to Windows 10, if not Windows 8/8.1. Secondly, it wants to highlight that Windows 10 is the most appropriate operating system for PC gaming. Apparently, the software giant thinks that with DirectX 12 integration, Windows 10 will be a pressing reason for most users to upgrade their operating systems.

DirectX 12 optimizes Windows 10 features for gaming

It is said that the software giant has already integrated a number of options in Windows 10 to streamline PC gaming. DirectX 12 integration on top of this will certainly leave Windows 10 a compelling factor for folks to think seriously about migrating to the upcoming operating system.

Windows 10 Features

DirectX 12 not to be supported in Windows 7

Meanwhile, another report suggests that DirectX 12 graphics API won’t be supported in Microsoft’s most successful operating system Windows 7. The reason is unclear. According to some sources, it was announced by AMD’s chief developer Richard Huddy himself. Neither Microsoft nor AMD has confirmed the report. There are also confirmed reports that Microsoft is blocking all future upgrades of DirectX 11 for Windows 7 and Windows 12.

According to sources, Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 the only operating system with DirectX 12 graphics API support. But critics are of the opinion that the software giant’s decision to deprive all older Windows versions of DirectX 12 support will backlash the efforts.

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Increasing The Number Of Users In A Remote Desktop Session

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You may have made use of the Remote Desktop feature in the Windows operating system to access your computer or your friend’s computer. This feature of the Windows operating system will allow users to connect to Windows computer from anywhere else. This feature will let the users access a computer as if the user is physically seated in front of the PC. Even the unsupported Windows XP operating system had this feature but the main disadvantage is that there is a limit in the number of users who can concurrently connect to the computer.

This means that if the number of users that are allowed to access the computer concurrently is set to 2, then more than two users will not be able to connect to the PC at the same time. If any other user tries to connect remotely to the computer while two users are already connected, he will be displayed an error message. However, the administrator of the computer will be able to make changes to the remote connection settings to allow more users connect to the PC concurrently. The Windows support number tips that are shared below will help you to make changes in the Remote settings to allow more users.


  • Turn on your computer. Click on the Start button and then select Run. In the Run box, you will need to type in Connect To Windows Computer

    gpedit.msc and then press the Enter key. This will open a group policy edit window for your computer.

  • Select the Computer Configuration option that is placed to the left of the window. From the list of options, you will need to select Administrative Templates and then select Windows Components. Now you will need to select Terminal Services from the list of expanded options.
  • You will then need to double click on Limit Number of Connections. This will open a dialog box. Here you can type in the number of connections that you need to allow. For instance, if you type 5 here, the number of concurrent connections will be five. After entering the desired number of connections, you can click on the OK button to save the changes that you have made.

These are the steps to increase the number of concurrent users in a remote desktop session. For further help, you can contact the Windows support number.

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