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Windows 10 release might be the most critical event for the software giant Microsoft Corporation this year. This is a one of its kind chance for the software firm to compensate for the previous Windows 8, which was one of the most catastrophic events to have ever happened, when it comes to Microsoft. Windows users worldwide along with the media and many more are anxiously waiting for its release. They are all eager to know if Windows 10 would be any good.

About the latest Technical Preview

In order to allow testers and users to taste what Windows 10 would be like, Microsoft introduced the Windows Insider Programme along with the Preview download of Windows 10. You can get help from Windows support number in order to download the latest OS preview. Windows users can download it on their computers, by signing up with the Windows Insider Programme, testers and users have an option to leave feedback and suggestions.

The software corporation has a reason to smile as there are about 450,000 active users and more than 1.5 million signed up for Windows Insider Program. The best part is that with the feedback and comments from users, Microsoft was able to fix as much as 1300 bugs in the latest operating system that is in the development stage.

It allows the user to set a default folder for the File Explorer that contain the recently opened files in the Home menu. You can expect more changes when Windows 10 will finally be ready for release. Here is a list of the best features included in Windows 10


The magnifying glass icon, which was included in Windows 8 would be replaced with a Search box. This will make customizing the taskbar all the more easy.


It appears that Windows 10 will have the functionality of Cortana that will enable the user to directly speak to the personal assistant app over a connected mic.

Windows 10 Release


With the completely new design, it will be very easy to change settings in the computer. You can say that the setting is a fashionable replica of Control Panel.

Background And Themes

Microsoft has also worked on the themes and backgrounds to make Windows 10 look all the more elegant.

Windows 10 Dual Monitors Setup

With the panoramic view in Windows 10, the dual monitor set up will be introduced as well.

With the help of the Windows support number and Windows help, you can find out about more functions to be included in the system.

Microsoft Windows 10 OS Set For The Second Half Of 2015

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After the end of Windows support for XP, the next significant event will be the release of Windows 10. The software giant, Microsoft Operating Systems Group chief Terry Myerson revealed the initial Windows 10. Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner described those plans a bit more.

Turner mentioned various aspects of which the focus was Windows 10, along with the software company’s evolving business model. This was covered in his appearance at Credit Suisse technology conference in Phoenix, Ariz.

Turner shared that Microsoft is still on track to talk about the end-user consumer experiences in the early spring of 2015. The developer preview will be released early summer.

“And then by late summer and early fall we’ll be able to bring out this particular OS. That’s the current plan of record.” Said Turner

Actually, this timeline is similar to what Myerson shared a few months back. As per Myerson’s Windows 10 timeline there is something known as September reveal early this year, a developer reveal event after that and then a launch wave.

The software giant is going to show off the January Technology Preview of Windows 10, as well as a first preview of the Windows 10 mobile SKU that is going to work on Windows Phones, ARM tablets and Intel tablets, as per some of the sources. When it comes to the mobile version of Windows 10, it is not expected to include a desktop mode as part of the Operating System, while the current desktop version of Windows 10 will work as soon as when it ships.

Windows 10 Developer Preview

The software company’s officials mentioned that the Build 2015, Microsoft’s main Windows developer event, will happen last week of April.

Windows 10 developer preview coming in early summer is something confusing. Since Microsoft’s new strategy for providing test builds delivering regular updates to Windows 10 for those, who are interested testers. This might be the reason and what Turner has meant by a developer preview.

Myerson has made it sound like late summer or early fall that was to be the official delivery ship target. Those who are wondering about when Microsoft will debut the Metro-Style touch version of Office; they may arrive around the same time as Windows 10 because that makes sense.

There has been end of Windows support for Windows XP, and mainstream support for Windows 7, these users are looking for a better option than Windows 8. Windows 10 looks like the perfect switch.

Windows Powered Device Support For Google Cloud Platform


Google has recently announced that the expansion of Windows support for Google Cloud Platform is underway. Google has recently released three enhancements to the Google Compute Engine in order to execute Windows-powered workloads. With the introduction of these enhancements, users will be able to easily leverage the performance of Google data centers and scale accordingly.

The first enhancement released by Google is the availability of Microsoft License Mobility for Google Cloud Platform Support. This feature allows users to execute supported Microsoft Windows Server Applications on the Google Cloud Platform using the existing application licenses. This way, you will not have to purchase new licenses for programs you have to run in the cloud.

This benefit is only available for Microsoft Volume Licensing (VL) customers that have supported server applications running on active Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) contracts. Hence, this feature allows users to easily migrate to Google Cloud Platform and benefit from the different services provided in the cloud.

Google Cloud App Hosting Product Manager Martin Buhr wrote on the Google Cloud Platform support blog stating that, “Not only does license mobility make the transition easier for existing customers; it provides customers who prefer to purchase perpetual licenses the ability to continue doing so while still taking advantage of the efficiencies of the cloud.”


The other highlights of the new set of features Google introduced include Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition. The Network operating system is now available for use in Beta mode inside the Google Compute Engine. Buhr added, “We know our customers run some of their key workloads on Windows and want rapid deployment, high performance and the ability to stretch their datacenters to the cloud.”

The newly released Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition images are extremely similar to the standard Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system and can be easily used by most users without any hassles. However, do note that Windows images are paid resources and require additional fees.

The last addition made to Google Compute Engine includes the availability of a popular Chrome RDP app from Fusion Labs that is optimized for Google Cloud Platforms. This feature is available for free for Windows users who operate Google Compute Engine. Using this feature, users will be able to create remote desktop sessions to their Windows instances using Google Chrome.

Thus, users will be able to access their Windows instances on any computer using the Google Chrome web browser. To know more about the same, contact the Windows support desk.

Google To Host Windows Apps On Its Cloud Platform

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The lion’s portion of the enterprise workloads run on Mac and Linux servers. Microsoft’s Windows server is not very behind in this either. Of late, Google has expressed its ambition to make its presence felt in hosting enterprise workloads outright. It is said that Google Cloud Platform is perfect and large enough to host large sized enterprise workloads. However, what has surprised many is that the Google is tying up with its major rival Microsoft to fulfil its ambition to become a major player in providing flawless cloud platform for enterprises.

Google collaborates with Microsoft

According to a recent report, Google is already a member in the Microsoft License Mobility Program. Currently, the search engine giant is allowing a number of enterprises to run their Windows apps on its cloud platform. Enterprises report that they are extremely excited by the way the Google service works for them. A number of Windows apps such as Exchange server mail, SQL Server database and SharePoint documents are being run by Enterprise users on their Google Cloud platform.

What is more exciting is that Google is not charging any extra fee for the service. Reports show that a remarkable number of users who used to run their applications on Windows Server 2008 R2 are migrating to Google’s corresponding service.

Google support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Apps

It has to be noted that Google is not entirely committed to canvassing all users from using Windows Servers. Interestingly, it is offering support for Windows Server 2012 R2 Release and Windows Server 2012. The search engine giant hasn’t yet disclosed its plans for supporting the latest Windows Server versions. However, a recent post published in a Google Cloud Platform post indicates that the support services will soon be introduced.

Meanwhile, the tech world is surprised by Microsoft’s decision to hire the Google Cloud Platform for its Windows shop instead of its own Azure platform. When asked about this, Google’s product management director Greg DeMichillie said, “Almost every enterprise intentionally wants to be multi-cloud, some of them got locked into on-prem licenses fees from vendors that were much bigger than they expected. Most companies will qualify two or three different cloud vendors.”

These unexpected developments have confused many. The Windows tech support team has been observing all these and often sheds light on the same. Get in touch with the Windows tech support team at any time should you need any clarification on the server version that would suit you best.

Can Hacked Windows XP Updates Save The OS?

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There have been reports that users can continue to receive updates for their outdated Windows XP operating system by tricking Microsoft’s Windows Update. According to those reports, users are supposed to hack their Windows XP Registry for this. Once the registry is hacked, the Windows Update will continue to send security updates to your machine.

For most users, however, this remains a mystery. The point here is, how can a user trick Windows Update and tap security updates to their machine when Microsoft no longer provides updates for XP. In fact, Microsoft is still rolling out updates for XP. However, this is for an embedded variant of the operating system. According to sources privy to Windows tech support, this embedded variant of XP will continue to receive updates from Microsoft until April 2016. This is exactly what, according to the reports, users have to exploit. They can disguise their XP just like an embedded variant and tap the security updates through Windows Update.

Is it possible to keep XP safe with the hacked updates?

If you are a techie and know how to tweak your Windows XP registry files and thereby tap the security updates for your machine from Windows Update, you can continue to use your machine without many serious security threats to a certain extent. But, it is not a practical solution in the long run. As the IT solutions have improved, so have the threats. Many of threats that users come across these days are quite advanced and the 13 years old Windows XP operating system is not securable against these threats. Furthermore, it is quite unpractical to apply all the modern security standards on the outdated XP.

Windows XP Operating System

XP lacks ASLR feature

According to Windows tech support, the major downside with Windows XP is that it is not compatible with modern security standards like ASLR. ASLR is a built-in security standard in latest Windows operating systems like Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1. The integration of ASLR is the primary reason that hackers are unable to exploit latest operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8. Moreover, the latest Internet Explorer version that is compatible with XP is IE8. Unsurprisingly, this browser version happens to be quite vulnerable as well.

Considering the vulnerability issues that Windows XP is subject to, it is good to ditch the operating system now and upgrade to a newer version.

Windows XP Support Ended, Yet Millions Around The World Not Ready To Accept It

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If you are a Windows user, you know by now that the beloved Windows XP is no more. Windows XP has been eliminated from the list of Microsoft supported products on April 8, 2014. Though it may be a sad thing for many who are still using the OS for various purposes, the fact is that it was long overdue. If only those people, who are using Windows XP now accept that. Though, there is no doubt that Windows XP is one of the best operating systems that have ever been developed by the world’s leading software maker. But, like any software, there is a life cycle, which determines its life span. Windows XP has outlived its own life cycle, something phenomenal. However, it is obvious that the software maker wants to encourage its users to switch to the advanced OS available these days.

End of Windows support for XP means that there will not be any security updates, patches, feature updates, technical assistance of any kind for the XP users. End of Windows support means users will not be able to avail all the services, which they used to receive before the support ended. This is quite serious, because when there are security problems, the users are on their own. They will not be helped by the software maker in any way.

Even before the end of support, Windows XP users had a tough time dealing with various viruses, malware, malicious codes etc. So, with the end of support, it will be quite unimaginable the amount of security problems Windows users might experience. Many hackers were waiting for this day to happen. Windows XP users would have to deal with all kinds of problems from now on.

Windows XP users

It is really surprising that there are millions, who still use the system, even after the end of support. The users will have to secure the computer on their own, since Microsoft has ditched them. They will have to install the strongest antivirus software available. However, most quality virus scanners and antivirus software will soon stop supporting Windows XP.

So, if you are willing to go through the consequences, then you can use Windows XP. Mind you, you will have to stop using internet too, because an unsupported computer is too easily affected by innumerable viruses ready to pounce on the first security hole. So, all that can be said is best of luck!

Getting Rid Of The Bing Toolbar From The System

Remove Bing Toolbar

It is mostly through the installation of popular software programs that adware and malware toolbar programs enter into your system. Such toolbars are often bundled with the installer file for popular software applications. When you are installing this software, you will be asked to de-select the bundled toolbar application, if you do not need it.

In other words, this toolbar will be selected for installation by default. So, if you skip this step without changing this setting, the adware toolbar will be installed along with the software application. Normally, this is how most users end up with browser add-ons they do not need in their systems. The Bing toolbar is a good example.

Uninstalling the Bing toolbar from the system

It is not that difficult to remove Bing toolbar from the system. However, you need to watch out for the fake Bing toolbar called ‘Search with Bing’, which has nothing to do with Microsoft’s Bing search engine. ‘Search with Bing’ is actually a malware that hijacks the browser and changes many of its settings without your permission.

Removing the official Bing toolbar from Microsoft is much easier compared to this malware browser toolbar. For removing Microsoft Bing toolbar, you just need to uninstall the Bing toolbar application from the system. Close the browser application and go to the OS Control Panel from the Start Menu. Click on the Add or Remove Programs section.

Malware Toolbar

This will launch the Add or Remove Programs wizard, where you need to find the ‘Bing Toolbar’ or ‘Bing Bar’ application. Select it and click on the Remove button. This will start the Bing toolbar uninstallation process. Select Yes to confirm the uninstallation and proceed as per the on-screen instructions. Restart the system after this to let the changes take effect.

But, if the toolbar was installed as a browser add-on, then you need to remove Bing toolbar from each of the installed browsers in your system. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, go to the Add-ons manager from the Tools Menu. Remove the Bing toolbar add-on you see there and restart the browser. This will remove this toolbar from the browser menu.

But, if you are dealing with the ‘Search with Bing’ malware mentioned above, then getting rid of it is not going to be that easy. You can try removing the add-on and the stand-alone application from the Control Panel. But, you might have to use a toolbar removal tool, if these steps did not work.

Support For Windows On Unity 2.5

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Unity engine is already popular among developers all around, and with good reason. This product of Unity Technologies lets you develop your game the first time using a simple, capable set of utilities, and then with a single click, set it up on multiple platforms including PC, Mac, Wii, web browsers, and iPhone. If that wasn’t mouth watering then there’s also the ridiculously low price they’re offering it at – $199 for a basic license.

The main thing that’s held Unity back this long is the fact that it only came with native support for Mac systems. But Unity v2.5 has broken that barrier too. This edition comes with Unity support for Windows editor, meaning it’s probably going to be crawling with developers who were holding back from the Mac scene. There were probably hundreds who couldn’t venture into this area because they didn’t have a Mac to use. Typically, they’d have been using another game engine to work on, because this would have been more expedient.

With the version for Windows, you can write games and install them to the PC, Mac, and Wii platforms. For iPhone however, you’d still need to use the Mac version. Not like we don’t appreciate the Windows support though. It’s leveled the field in favor of developers using a Windows system to come up with their games.

Other new features Unity 2.5 carries in are:

  • Better usability with GUI updates, which mark out the most helpful tools.
  • Tabs in the interface, letting you configure the editor with docking Windows, and also provisions for using multiple monitors.

    Unity Support For Windows

  • More effective utilities for placing and influencing in-game objects.
  • More information in the editor, alongside previewing features.
  • Provision to Drag-and-drop 3ds Max asset creations.

The Unity kit is a capable tool intended for the creation of games aimed at deployment in multiple platforms, with backup features you can use to significant effect. There’s better anchoring option available now, with the help of visual tools and UI elements. Check out the games Blurst is coming out with right now, and you’ll see how good this engine really is.

Windows support is a big step for the game engine company, because with this, their base of users is going to soar in numbers. iPhone being the only one destination platform, Unity 2.5 for Windows still opens up a world of possibilities for developers who have been missing out.

What New Features Can You Expect In Windows 10?

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Microsoft has not provided many details about the upcoming OS Windows 10, not even in the Windows tech support blogs or pages. This is mainly because the OS is still in the development phase and therefore, it is sure to undergo many changes in the coming months. But, they have already released a couple of Windows 10 Preview versions and have made a few announcements regarding their new OS at various tech events.

From all these, it becomes clear that Windows 10 will have a different OS UI design and many more features than Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Here is a list of some of the things you can expect to see in Windows 10.

Start Menu will be there in Desktop versions

Windows 8’s Metro UI was a great interface design for smartphones and tablets. However, in desktop computers, it really reduced the OS navigation. Start Menu in Windows 7 and Windows XP were the one-stop locations for accessing any feature or settings in the Windows OS.

After receiving complaints from many Desktop users on this matter, Microsoft has apparently decided to bring the full Start Menu in the desktop version of Windows 10. Also, the Start Menu in Windows 10 comes with a lot of customization features allowing the users to change it according to their requirements.

Windows 10 Snap Assist

One of the cool new features in Windows 10 is Snap Assist. This allows you to manage more than one app on the screen. You divide the screen into four quadrants with each app taking up that space. So, you will be able to use four apps at the same time.

Windows 10 Preview Version

Cortana, the voice assistant app

Voice assistant app Cortana will also be included in the new OS. This app is designed to accept voice commands from the users and you can use it to perform a system or online search also.

Task View

Another new feature Microsoft is introducing in Windows 10 is Task View. This allows the users to easily manage multiple apps or desktops in the OS. This is very similar to the Alt + Tab OS function already present in Windows operating system. But, here, you can switch between multiple desktops, each one of them with multiple apps running.

Also, Microsoft will be launching many useful apps for Windows 10 through their Windows Store. For now, sign up for the Windows Insider programme from the Windows tech support website to get the Windows 10 preview version.

Registered Windows 10 Preview Users Helping Microsoft Fix OS Errors

Windows Support Number

Microsoft had to deal with all kinds of tech problems in their operating systems and their other software products like MS Office. The users report these issues through the Windows support number or the official Microsoft support websites online. Microsoft technicians then get to the bottom of this problem and release the solutions online or through the OS updates.

Rigorous user testing for Windows 10 will reduce the OS errors

Such tech problems often show up soon after Microsoft releases an update for their software products. Though the Microsoft developers test these products rigorously, fixing all the issues before they are released in the market, some of the undetected errors will pop up when running these applications in the user’s systems. This is why the user testing of these products are so important.

Though such user testing is indeed done for all Microsoft products, not many volunteers sign up for this. In fact, many of these volunteers lose their enthusiasm after a few weeks and fail to provide their feedback to the developers through the Windows support number and other channels.

With Windows 10 OS, Microsoft is taking this user testing to a new level. The early OS Preview versions have been already released to the users, even before the OS is fully developed. From their Windows 8 failure, Microsoft has realised that there is no point in spending a lot of money, time and effort into developing an OS feature, if the end product is something the users find difficult to use.

Windows Insider Programme

The feedback and suggestions from the users testing the early Windows 10 Preview versions will help the Microsoft developers understand the needs and requirements of the users. Though they might be tempted to introduce some new and radical designs in the OS, it would be much better to reject such ideas if these users come back with a very negative feedback on such features.

This project titled Windows Insider Programme has been well received by the Windows users so far. Over 1.5 million users have registered for the programme. This also provides a very good opportunity for Microsoft to detect the technical bugs and errors in the OS. Already, the users have detected thousands of technical bugs in the OS and the software giant has fixed them in the subsequent versions.

This is indeed a good sign. At this rate, Windows 10 might turn out to be the most user-friendly and error-free operating system Microsoft has ever released.