Windows XP Booted From LA Amidst Security Concerns

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Recently, the support for Windows XP ended; after Microsoft urging people to migrate to the latest versions for many years. A majority of the users did migrate while some did not, as they were worried about loss of data and other issues when they migrate. People who called up the Windows support number were helped with the migration and they were able to solve issues involved in the transition process.

Recently in LA County, people who booted in Windows XP were not allowed to login remotely in the county’s computer network since they fear potential threats and breach. An official memo sent to the contractors and the Government employees of LA. The Chief information officer from the office added that they were planning to boot XP systems from April but since they had to wait for a patch, they had delayed the deadline to May 14.

The memo also stated that they extended the deadline so that people could continue the remote access to the county resources only because of the security coverage for Windows XP until May 13 2014. Patch Tuesday occurs on every second Tuesday. This is when Microsoft releases all the updates including the security patches, which could address most of the security vulnerabilities and threats.

Patch Tuesday would not happen beyond May 13 to address the shortcomings in the operating system. Since Microsoft has put an end to the support for the thirteen year old operating system on the 8th of April. However, the mainstream support for the operating system had ended in the year 2009 and since then they have been warning the users about the potential threats and shortcomings Windows XP would have.

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Microsoft had a tough time convincing users into upgrading to higher versions, but it is evident that a majority of people are still using the operating system. People who wanted to change called up the Windows support number to get help. When you look into the market shares that Windows XP holds, it sums to 27.7 percent of the total market share. This is also an initiative to force people to purchase Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, which collectively have a market share of about 12 percent. Meanwhile, Windows 7 holds a majority of the market share of about 48.7 percent.

The main intention behind the platform developed for Windows 8 series of OSs is to be able to support both desktop and touch friendly systems alike, however, obviously the plan has backfired for Microsoft.

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How To Avail Support For Your Microsoft Products

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Microsoft has released a wide range of products in the market. The software giant has released many operating systems and a few hardware devices. The major operating systems released by the company include Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 etc. When it comes to hardware, the company has released gaming devices like Xbox One, Xbox 360 etc and tablet PC Surface. Now, if you own any of these devices or work with any of the Windows operating systems, it is essential that you receive the best support for these items so that you could work with them without troubles.

So, how can you receive various solutions for your Windows issues? One of the techniques is to go through various Windows support forums online. The advantage of these forums is that a lot of discussions take place here which are focused on the resolution of these issues. All you need to do is search for the issue you are facing and you would probably find numerous resolutions from various users. You may try each one of them until you get the issue fixed.

If you do not have enough time to spend on fixing these issues, then it is advisable to avail the services of a technical support firm. Most of the businesses that run large number of computers make use of the services of such companies. There are numerous advantages of availing the services of a technical support firm. The major advantage is that you will receive round the clock support from these firms. If your company works throughout the day, this support can be of great help.

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In addition to the third party technical support companies, you may make use of the services of Microsoft technical support. You may contact Microsoft technicians to fix the issue with your computer. Just like other technical support firms, Microsoft support provides you the option to get in touch with a technician either through chat or by phone. The certified technicians at the support center will guide you through the troubleshooting steps and helps to fix the issue in no time.

All the Windows operating systems have two support phases, which are mainstream support and extended support. You will be able to avail free Microsoft support during the period of mainstream support. However, it becomes paid support during the period of mainstream support where you will be charged for the Windows support provided.

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Recovering Lost Windows XP Admin Password

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One of the major issues that a person faces is forgetting the admin password of the system. The problem here is that you will not be able to make any changes to the system settings if you do not have the admin password. You will not be even able to install a new program or software to the system. Without logging in to the admin account, you will not be able to even remove a program that is no longer required or is causing some trouble for the system. Here we discuss how you can retrieve or reset the lost password.


  • Even though there are many ways to recover the admin password, the simplest of them all is the method that lets you login to the system without even typing a password. This option, known as No Password Administrator Login can be accessed by going to your default administrator account, from where you would be able to retrieve the passwords.
  • However if you changed the password for the account, the aforementioned tip will not help you in retrieving the password. In that case, you will have to rest the password by getting Windows support. The support team will ask you to press on the OK button and then on the Reset password button. Now follow the instructions given by the system for resetting the password.

    Reset The Lost Password

    Get Windows Support

  • Login to the administrator account that you do have access to and try to reset the lost password; however, you will not have access to any encrypted files or emails. Open Local Users and Groups by clicking on the Start menu and then searching for lusrmgr.msc in the search box. If the system asks for an administrator password, type in the password that you do know. Now Windows support desk advises you to double click on the Local Users and Groups tab and then on the Users tab. Now the system will show you all the accounts that are configured to access your system. Right click on the account whose password you would like to reset and then click on the option labeled as Set Password found in the context menu.
  • Type in the Password and then retype the same for confirming the new password.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to reset the password of an administrator account. However if you are not able to reset the password of an administrator account whose password you have lost, contact the Windows help and support team for further help.

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Thousands Of Websites Left Astray As Microsoft Ends Support For Windows XP

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It is a well-known fact that Windows XP was once the most popular operating system in the world and still has its fare share in the computer industry. Microsoft has revoked the support provided to the eleven year old operating system this April, a decision which left many websites astray. Even though Microsoft, the developer of the operating system, has taken back the support provided to the operating system, it is not end of the world as many security companies have pledged to support the operating system. Even though it is not recommended to run the operating system after the end of extended support, there is not much harm in running it, if you have good security software installed with your system.

According to the Windows tech support researchers with Netcraft, thousands of websites are still using the age-old operating system whose support was withdrawn as the support period expired this April. According to the details accumulated from the survey, about six thousand websites are still using he support ended operating system. Even though many state that most of these websites are Chinese, in realty only three percent of them are hosted in China and the rest are in USA. This is a shame when you consider the fact that US is the largest market for Windows products around the world.

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The Windows tech support researchers posted the following information in their site regarding their findings. One of the most distressing facts regarding this was the fact that about fourteen US government websites are still running on Windows XP. This includes a web mail system that State of Utah uses for official purposes. The post further states that running the websites in an unsupported operating system will be the prime target of hackers and malicious users. The problem will manifold exponentially if the hackers were able to find some vulnerabilities in the operating system, as there is no one to release a security patch. The problem with Windows XP vulnerabilities is that no security update will be able to fix them.

The only way in which you can get support from Microsoft is by trying to make a deal with Microsoft for providing extended support for few more years. According to our sources, they had to pay about 5.5 million pounds for getting extra support just for a year.

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Preventing Frequent Shutdown Problems In Windows 7

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When you work with Windows 7 computers, there is a chance that it frequently shuts down and this will be a terrible feeling, especially when you are at the middle of any important work related to your office. The frequent shut down issues can be solved with the help of appropriate troubleshooting steps. You can stop Windows 7 from shutting down in many ways. However, before choosing any troubleshooting option, you need to find the actual cause to this problem. If you know the correct cause, then you will be able to solve it easily and without any problems. Well, given below are some easy Windows support number tips that will help you to prevent frequent shut down problems in Windows 7.

Disabling automatic restart option

It is necessary to disable the automatic restart option immediately when your Windows 7 system encounters any failure or problems. After that, you need to contact for Windows 7 support through phone or through chat. In order to disable the automatic restart option, you need to,

  • Navigate to Start, then Control Panel and finally Advanced System Settings.
  • You will be able to find the link called Advanced, when the System Properties window opens on your screen and at the bottom side, you will seen an option called Recovery and Startup. To manipulate the Recovery and Startup settings, click the option called Settings.
  • You can find Properties bar when you find System Failure option and its sub options. After un-checking the option called Automatically Restart, you need to click the button called OK. Adhering to these above given steps will help you to solve majority of the problems associated with Windows 7 shut down.

    Windows 7 Support

    Windows Support By Microsoft

Next, you need to make sure that these errors or problems are not repeated in the future. If any errors are noted while operating the Windows 7 PC, it is better to note it down in a piece of paper and report the same to Windows support number. For this purpose, you can make use of the online forums of Microsoft as they can help you to easily fix the Windows 7 problems. However, before calling the Windows 7 support number, it is always better to try some steps that are given below.

  • Regular update of BIOS
  • Updating drivers
  • Changing power supply
  • Conducting a scan to find registry errors

To get the best of the online technical support for the problems related to Windows 7, simply contact our Windows 7 Support desk.

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