All About The Windows Anytime Upgrade In Windows 7

: Windows Anytime Upgrade

Windows 7 Upgrade

Windows 7 became an almost outdated operating system when Microsoft released Windows 8 and subsequently Windows 8.1. But, reports indicate that Windows 7 is the most widely used Windows operating system in the world now. Majority of the users who ditch Windows XP migrate to Windows 7 instead of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. The reason, according to experts, is that Windows 7 requires minimum hardware requirements compared to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Moreover, Windows 7 is compatible with most of the modern programs and applications. The demand for Windows 7 has not declined even after Microsoft released Windows 8.

Windows Anytime upgrade

Microsoft has integrated a new feature called Windows Anytime Upgrade with its Windows 7 operating systems. With this unique feature, users can upgrade their PC to other editions of Windows 7. The best part is that the upgrade does not mandate any change in the hardware configuration of the current PC.

Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade features

As we have seen above, Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade feature allows a user to upgrade his current Windows 7 edition to a superior one. Windows 7 comes in six different editions such as Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. If a user has Windows 7 Starter edition installed in his PC, he can upgrade it to Home Basic or any other superior editions.


Windows Anytime Upgrade Features

In order to upgrade the present edition, users do not need an installation disc. The installation files are available online for free. Licensed users can download the files and install them from the convenience of their home. The upgrade does not cause any change to the stored data or installed applications in the PC.

Downside with Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade

Although not a big issue, Windows 7 Anytime upgrade feature does not allow upgrade to the previous edition. For instance, if you have Windows 7 Professional installed in your PC, you cannot upgrade to a previous edition, say Windows 7 Home Premium, Home Basic or Starter. Being the most superior edition in the series, Windows 7 Ultimate does not have the Anytime Upgrade feature.

Upgrading via Windows 7 Anytime upgrade

In order to upgrade your current edition of Windows 7 to a higher one with the help of Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade feature, navigate to the Start button and choose the icon titled Windows Anytime Upgrade. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the upgrade.

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Unity 4.2 Final Version Launched

Windows Tech Support

Unity Games For Windows Phone

Unity is considered the most used game development engine today. It adds support for a wide range of platforms such as Windows 8, Blackberry 10, and Windows Phone 8. Its recently released beta 4.2 was a huge success because of its compatibility with major mobile as well as desktop platforms. Now the buzz is that the final version of Unity 4.2 has been released. What would the release of the final version of Unity 4.2 mean for users who love to play high definition games on their smartphones?

Unity 4.2 adds support for four mobile platforms

Although there are several mobile platforms, four of them dominate the market. They are Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10. The latest version Unity 4.2 adds support for four of these platforms. The most popular games on these platforms, Temple Run 2 and Republique are from Unity. The recently released Deus Ex is another Unity developed mobile game.

In addition to supporting mobile platforms in general, Unity offers privileged support to some platforms, for instance Windows Phone 8. Games like Interstellar Marines and Surgeon Simulator 2013 are some of the specially designed games for Windows Phone 8- a Windows tech support blog indicates. In a recent press release, a Unity spokesperson said that the company wanted to reach to as many mobile platforms as possible. He added that it was up to the mobile platforms to decide on utilizing Unity support to come up with advanced mobile games.

Unity 4.2 and Unity 4.2 Pro

High Definition Games

Unity Tech Support

Unity offers both paid support as well as free support. The free support users are allowed to develop games and release them to their preferred mobile platforms. The paid users (holders of Unity Pro 4.2) will be more privileged when it comes to extent of support they could obtain. While deploying their projects on multiple mobile platforms, Pro users can avail advanced Unity features.

The free users can’t avail the advanced features while deploying projects. Users who hold free support from Unity can obtain the Add-on products based on their requirements. Pro users are also eligible to receive free tech support such as real-time shadows, prefabs and text-based serialization of materials.

With its magnificent support on various mobile platforms, Unity is poised to dominate the mobile game development. Nevertheless, Windows Phone users can be more hopeful because of the privileged support it receives from Unity. To know more about Unity powered games for Windows Phone, get in touch with Windows tech support centre.

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Windows 7 Technical Support

Software Giant Microsoft

Windows Tech Support Info

Windows 7 is the popular upgrade to Windows Vista, enjoying the majority of desktop OS market share at present. Windows 7 is much better than Windows Vista, with respect to the many new features added in the platform. Windows 7 is consistent in terms of satisfying the needs of various segments. This popular OS is available in four different flavors: Ultimate, Professional, Home and Starter.

The software giant Microsoft provides technical assistance for all of its Operating System series and products like MS Office Suite. In case you wish to upgrade to Windows 7, then you can get help from various Windows tech support companies or articles posted on online tech forums about installing, upgrading, customizing, switching accounts, and more in Windows 7.

Windows 7 support

Like any other software, Windows 7 is not immune to errors or corruption though. You might have many questions like how to fix errors, how to format a hard disk, or how to create a back up of your data in Windows 7. A genuine Windows tech support team can help you with all such queries. All you need to do is contact the support personnel and pass on the details of the issue you are facing. You can resolve all kinds of technical problems this way.

Software Giant Microsoft

Windows Tech Support Info

If you are not able to find relevant information concerning Windows 7, then you can contact any tech service provider. Currently, there are various tech support organizations, that offer quality tech support services for resolving critical problems or issues in Windows 7 operating system. Such companies provide technical assistance remotely as well.

The various technicians have specialized knowledge and expertise in handling various queries and issues related to Windows 7. They are expert at handling issues concerning the software or hardware installations too. They can guide you through various available technical assistance methods, but it is better to look at their fee structure before employing any of their services.

So, if you are stuck somewhere with Windows 7, and have no idea how to fix the issue, the best thing to do is to call for assistance. You can contact your preferred tech service provider for Windows 7 support, who assure affordable and instant support.

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Windows Drivers Offered For Xbox One Controller

Windows Support

Contact Windows Support

Microsoft has always been keen enough to promote all their products. No matter whether it is their operating system or their game console, Microsoft introduces new strategies that can help their different product lines simultaneously.

Xbox One is one of the most popular game consoles introduced by Microsoft and Microsoft has always been willing to try Windows drivers on their game console. They mix and match their different product lines and wait to watch the results of the same. As such, technologies have been tried for their Xbox game console, which is one of the best game controllers used by people nowadays.

The latest news about Xbox One is that it has been added with a standalone driver package that is compatible with the Windows platform. Xbox 360 pad has been changed to Xbox One and Microsoft promises better comfort for the new Xbox one pad that has good analogue sticks to support the gamers. Even though both are different, Xbox 360 users would be the best group to identify the major difference between Xbox 360 and Xbox One of Microsoft. Many people contact the Windows support team to know about their basic difference.

The new transition has not been implemented completely and those who are trying to get their Xbox One Controller with their computers or tablets will have to get the devices connected using micro USB cables. Some may have the concern whether these would affect the battery power during the gaming session, but literally no problems can occur by getting them connected using the same.

Analogue Sticks

Get In Touch With Windows Support

Microsoft has placed advance orders for the Windows version of Kinect 2 depth sensing camera and the same was launched along with Xbox One. For this one, Microsoft has promised its users with higher screen resolution when compared to its former versions. They have also boasted about the ability of the device to judge a person’s pulse remotely. The new variant is exclusively offered to developers who could pay just 159 pounds for the same.

Microsoft is still successful in its venture, as it has been working hard in promoting its new product line. Moreover, they offer Windows support for all their platforms, which has helped increase credibility among users. We can expect Microsoft to come up with new ideas that could ease computing. Let us therefore wait for more and more products and technologies from Microsoft.

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18% Of Small Businesses Use Windows XP, Report

Windows Tech Support

Tech Support For Windows

The most popular operating system that Microsoft has ever developed is Windows XP. Even after Microsoft’s decision to end the support given to Windows XP, most of the small and medium businesses are still using this age old operating system. With the end of support, the XP users will not receive any security patches or updates, which will maintain the security of your system. As a result, hackers can get in to your system easily and steal all your information.

A software provider named Bitdefender conducted a study and it was found that almost all the businesses in countries like Germany, Brazil, Spain, UK, Australia and the US are still using this old operating system by ignoring the warnings given by Microsoft. Thus, the hackers will make use of the system vulnerabilities and steal some important information from that.

Internet Explorer

Windows Support

In fact, Microsoft ended the Windows tech support for XP in April. The companies that are using Windows XP computers are more prone to attacks by these cyber criminals. As a result, the users will not receive any security patches or updates. Catalin Cosoi, the Chief Security Strategist of Bitdefender said, “A few weeks after the end of support announcement, a new Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability turned into a permanent threat for XP users,” He added by saying, “That was until folks at Microsoft issued a patch that was made available for Windows XP users as well. However, this was an exception that shouldn’t make enterprises believe it will happen again, so the migration from XP is a must.”

In fact, the studies conducted by Bitdefender also found that almost 54 percentage of the companies have upgraded their systems to Windows 7 Professional, which is the operating system released by Microsoft before Windows 8. There are also some small number of companies who are making use of other versions of Windows 7 like Windows 7 Ultimate, 7 Home Premium,

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