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Things To Keep In Mind While Making Changes To Registry Entries

Windows Tech Support

Features Of Windows OS

Windows registry is the place where all the configuration settings related to the Windows operating system are stored. According to Windows tech support, the registry can be used by other third party applications to store the settings related to it. Now, when you encounter errors with the operating system or with a program that uses registry, you can fix them by editing the registry values. In order to edit the registry entries, there is a tool called Registry Editor in your operating system. Let us first find out how to run the Registry Editor program.

  • If you are running Windows XP OS on your computer, select the Start menu and select the option labeled Run.
  • In the Run window, type regedit and select the OK button found at the bottom of the window. This launches the Registry Editor window.
  • If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system, select the Start menu and enter regedit in the search field. This will show up the Registry Editor program. Simply click on it to launch the Registry Editor.

Even though Windows Registry is a great place to fix troubles with your operating system, you should keep in mind that if critical registry entries are modified or deleted, it could even lead to the crash of the operating system. According to Windows tech support, it is advisable that you backup the registry entries before making any changes. Let us find out how to create a backup of registry entries below.

  • From the Registry Editor window, select the option File from the menu bar.
  • The drop down box will give you different options like Import, Export, Load Hive… etc. Choose Export, which will open the window with the title Export Registry File.

    Windows 7

    Windows Registry Keys

  • Select a location on the computer to save the exported registry entry. Provide a name for the backed up file in the field File name: and click the button Save.

Once you take the backup of registry files, you can start making necessary changes to the registry entries for fixing the issues with your operating system or other programs. Windows tech support forums finds that for easy navigation through registry folders and keys, it is advised that you use the navigation keys in the keyboard.

In order to edit a registry entry, simply double click the entry and you will receive the box to edit the entry. Once you finish making changes, click the button OK. Do not forget to restart your computer after making changes to the registry entries.

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Run Registry Cleaner To Speed Up Your Slow PC

Windows Tech Support

Contact Windows Tech Support

When unnecessary files get cluttered in your PC, your PC will start to slow down. Therefore, it is very necessary that you clean up your PC from time to time. Well, how can one clean up the PC? Windows Registry Cleaners help you clean up your PC. Searching online, you can come across many Windows registry cleaners offered by various developers. However, it should be kept in mind that only an authentic Windows Registry Cleaner can really help you with the job.

Get the best quality Registry Cleaners

When you choose a Windows Registry Cleaner with an intention to clean up the mess in your PC, make sure that it is an authentic and superior quality one. There are many low quality Registry Cleaners that do not bring any desired results. They could even harm your PC to an extent that you require a system format to get rid of the mess.

Contact Microsoft support for assistance

Getting in touch with Microsoft’s Windows tech support team is a recommended solution to get useful tips and troubleshooting steps for a number of problems you are facing in your Windows PC. The tech support team of Microsoft consists of a large number of experts who deal with most of the Windows issues on a regular basis. If your Windows operating system enjoys mainstream support, you can get the real time assistance for free.

Extended Support

Microsoft Windows

Operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 enjoy mainstream Windows support. If you are with a Windows Vista OS, you are still eligible for Microsoft support. However, you will be charged a small amount as fee for the support because Vista has exceeded the mainstream support period and is currently under extended support.

Modes for running Registry Cleaners

If you know about an authentic Registry Cleaner and don’t intend to contact Windows tech support for the job, well you can do it on your own. Firstly, know that you can execute Registry Cleaner in two modes- manual mode and automated mode.

Be advised not to execute the manual mode unless you know about your system applications. The major difference between automated mode and manual mode is that the former does a general cleaning while the latter does a more focused cleaning.

Cleaning your Windows PC with a Windows Registry Cleaner could speed up your PC performance. In fact, it is the easiest and non-expensive way to rejuvenate your ailing Windows PC.

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Procedure To Remove Bing Toolbar From Your PC

Remove Bing Toolbar

How To Remove Bing Toolbar

It may happen to many computer users who use Windows Live Search that Bing toolbar abruptly or unexpectedly appears on top of the application, replacing your preferred MSN search bar. This can be pretty annoying for users who specifically prefer MSN search bar for various purposes, and had customized it for the same.

Some hate Bing bar due to the considerably large amount of space it occupies in the browser. That is why most users want to remove Bing toolbar from their computer as soon as it appears. In fact, the process involved in removing Bing toolbar is quite simple and straightforward. Here are the steps to guide you through the process.


  • First, click on the Start button located on the bottom left corner of your computer desktop screen to open the Start Menu. Select Control Panel from the list of icons in the Start Menu.
  • Thereafter, choose Add/Remove Programs link in the pop-up dialog box. You need to be patient here, as it takes a few seconds for the list of installed programs to be populated on the Add/Remove Programs window.
  • Then, scroll down to the program labeled Bing or Bing Toolbar (the programs are listed alphabetically), and select it.
  • After highlighting Bing, click on the Remove/Uninstall option against it. If you do not see any Remove/Uninstall button next to it, it will be located on the top area of the Add/Remove Programs window.

    Preferred MSN Search Bar

    Help To Remove Bing Toolbar

  • Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the uninstall process to complete. This process might take a few seconds to minutes to finish. It is best not do anything else clicking on some other program because it may interrupt the process. You will be notified when the un-installation process finishes

When the uninstall process finishes, reboot your PC. When your system restarts, access your web browser, and check if the Bing toolbar has been removed. If you find the toolbar still slinging on to the browser, use a software removal program to remove Bing toolbar from your computer.

Contact our tech support team to explore more about potent software removal applications and their functions. You can also learn how to delete an add-on from within the web browser with due assistance from our tech support team.

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Uninstalling Bing Search Bar From Web Browsers In Windows 7

Remove Bing Toolbar

Uninstall Bing Toolbar

Microsoft released its flagship search engine MSN Search back in 1995. Over the years, the search engine underwent several changes, including its name. The current version is Bing. Microsoft released Bing in 2009. Unlike its predecessor versions, Bing is quite popular and user-friendly. It is integrated with several sophisticated features. Bing allows users to search websites, images, news, maps, trends and many more. You can even access your directly from Bing.

Bing toolbar

Bing search engine offers a useful toolbar too. You are allowed to download and install this toolbar for free. After the toolbar is installed, it is quite easy to access the Bing search engine options from the toolbar itself without having to open a separate tab for the Bing search engine. If you wish, you can customize your Bing toolbar, adding more features or removing existing features. If you do not wish to have Bing toolbar on your web browser for one or the other reasons, you can remove it right away. The following instructions will help you remove Bing toolbar in a matter of seconds.


The steps given below explain the process of getting rid of Bing toolbar from a Windows 7 PC. If you are using any other operating system, say Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 8, get in touch with the technical support department of the concerned operating system.

  • Go to the Start button and select Search from the menu.
  • Enter appwiz.cpl in the type field and hit the Enter button on your keyboard.
  • Windows will open the Programs list. You will see the list of programs, applications and updates you have installed in the PC. Browse through the list until you notice Bing toolbar in it.

    Bing Search Engine Options

    Bing Search Toolbar

  • After locating the toolbar, highlight it and select Uninstall/Remove button, which you can locate at the top of the screen.
  • Windows will prompt you now to specify whether you want to continue with the removal of the toolbar. Click Yes to confirm your decision.
  • After the toolbar is uninstalled, you will be alerted with a message stating that Bing toolbar has been successfully uninstalled. Click Yes to exit the dialogue box.
  • You can close the Programs window now. It is recommended to restart your PC in order to let the changes you have made in the settings to take effect.

The above steps should help you remove Bing toolbar from your Windows 7 PC.

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