Microsoft Releases The New Windows Version 2.7.0 Update Tool

Windows Support

Microsoft recently launched an update to its existing collection of Windows fix-it-tools by the name Windows Repair 2.7.0. According to the Windows support, one of the major features includes in the latest version is an advanced repair tool, Repair Service Permissions. Thus, with this the total number of fix-it tools has been increased to 30 that are also suited to work best with the latest OS i.e. Windows 8 and 8.1.

Here, let us check some of the key features of the Windows 2.7.0 update:

  • Once you download this update in your system, it will make sure that the files required for running repairs in the program folder are present in the system. This is essential because if these files are missing, the repair will definitely fail. Adding to this, many more problems can occur in the system. The Windows Repair ensures that the user get notifications at the right time to reinstall the app if necessary.
  • The updated repair features in Version 2.7.0 includes new Reset Service Permissions. This option helps in troubleshooting and fixing the permissions on system services by giving complete access to Administrators, System and TrustedInstaller users as a default setting.
  • According to the Windows support, Windows Version 2.7.0 has enhanced Registry Permissions and Reset File Permissions tools. The system tool has fixed the tool SetAcl.exe and it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit file locations. If you use the SetAcl.exe program, it will change the settings of the Reset File Permissions component. With this tool, the users will be asked to check the text files inside the Files folder for how exclusions are now handled.

    Repair Service Permissions

  • Another change that has been made in the latest version includes allowing full access rights to the TrustedInstaller account on Windows Vista and later. It is also easier to handle multiple repairs of tools to handle the Windows 8/8.1 issues.

In addition to this update, several other unspecified repair tools have also been updated including the option to use the /silent switch option while operating on the OS.

If you are looking to purchase the Windows Repair 2.7.0 and Windows Repair Portable 2.7.0, both of these are available as a freeware downloads for PCs running Windows XP and the subsequent versions. Before attempting to run the update on your system, ensure that you create a backup of your important files as well as scan the program with an antivirus program.